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Mama Said Knock You Out

Madeline at the pitchers mound I promise, the softball posts will end soon! And then we’ll be back to the farming. But farm girls make the best athletes, don’t you think? 😉 I made Madeline a mix CD iTunes playlist … Continue reading

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It's that time again!

Strawberry Haiku Sweet ripe strawberryOh fleeting taste of summerStaining fingers red 3 years ago: Tardy, slow-poke, lollygagger 2 years ago: Garden yum Restraint 1 year ago: Duck, duck, gone

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This week

A ball game every night this week, Monday thru Friday, and then 3 coming up on Sunday. But as I wrote last year, I love every minute of it. So fun to see how the girls grow and improve from … Continue reading

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Flood pictures

I don’t have very good pictures of the flood. I took a bunch of video, which I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to upload to YouTube. Hopefully I’ll get that figured out, because I also did a little farm tour while I … Continue reading

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It's not nice to fool Mother Nature

Our Sugar Creek travels from here to the south of Osage on its way to the Cedar River (which is flooding at record levels from Austin, Minnesota all the way down to Cedar Rapids, Iowa). Just before it reaches the … Continue reading

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Checking in

Sorry to have gone MIA in the midst of all the weather phenomena happening around these parts this week! Most of my absence can be explained by the softball schedule, rather than the weather. We are fine and have experienced … Continue reading

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Candy’s got the summertime nap down pat. 4 years ago: R.I.P., Sassy Geese 2 years ago: I have this theory 1 year ago: Making out with my macro lens Early morning at the chicken pen

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Hen & chicks

This white rock hen was one of my very first, purchased as a day-old chick 4 years ago. White Rocks are nice hens, docile and pleasant to have around. She’s never hatched out chicks before, though. We generally take all … Continue reading

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