Checking in

Sorry to have gone MIA in the midst of all the weather phenomena happening around these parts this week! Most of my absence can be explained by the softball schedule, rather than the weather. We are fine and have experienced only minor inconveniences due to flooding, compared to what others are dealing with. Thank you to everyone that’s shown concern for us!

My aunt took this picture from her front door last night, and I begged it off her to share with you all. Isn’t it amazing?!? This would be about 7 miles southeast of us. They showed it on the news last night, and the weather guy said it wasn’t a tornado but a wall cloud. Sure looks tornado-y and scary enough to me!

More later…

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20 Responses to Checking in

  1. That is amazing – so glad it wasn’t a tornado and everyone is safe. Glad you’re fine after all this wild weather – take care,Kris

  2. Sea2Shore says:

    Glad you are safe! The weather is horrible and very strange to boot this year. It does seem alot like a twisty tornado to me also. Take Care and stay safe!Regina

  3. "JEANNELLE" says:

    Guess what……I had seen this photo on the KIMT website this afternoon and just put a link to it on my blog, but now am going to add a link to your post! This photo is simply amazing!!I’m very glad to hear you guys are staying out of harm’s way…..and may that continue….it looks like another night of storms roaming around Iowa.

  4. Rurality says:

    Holy crap! That looks like a tornado to me! Well except that there are no cows being tossed around.I’ve been thinking about you when we’ve heard all the bad weather news out your way. Stay dry!

  5. I tell you, I’d be headed for a deep hole if I saw something like that coming! Not a tornado? You could have fooled me!Your aunt is a brave, brave woman!

  6. heyercapital says:

    There’s no rotation, therefore no tornado … BUT wall clouds often proceed tornados. Yikes.

  7. One more *wow* here.That’s an amazing picture.

  8. Jen says:

    Holy Cow what an amazing picture. So glad she (and everyone else) is OK!

  9. farm mom says:

    Wonderful, scary photo!!! Glad you and yours are safe.

  10. frugalmom says:

    Yeah, this weather needs to be all done. I am done with tornadoes and torrential downpours.

  11. Lisa says:

    Ditto the Holy Cow! That picture is awesome (in the most literal way) and should make your aunt some money in a weather book or something!

  12. Becky says:

    Thanks for clearing that up for us. We could see it from our house and Tim said it was a tornado and I said it wasn’t. We’ve been arguing about it since.

  13. Someone posted this photo at CNN stating that it was the tornado that killed the Boy Scouts. you can set them straight.

  14. That is one SCARY picture!!! I’ll never complain about Idaho winds again.Allen

  15. SteveC says:

    Glad it didn’t become a tornado and all are fine. Awesome pic. Can you post any of the others pics your aunt took of it. I read your post on ireport where you said she took others of it. Try to stay safe.

  16. Robbyn says:

    Good grief! So glad everyone is safe!

  17. Suzanne says:

    I saw this photo on some major news site. It’s amazing and scary. I can’t believe your aunt took the photo. It seems like a small world.- Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  18. Bren says:

    Amazing photo… this sent shivers down my spine. Thanks for sharing and very glad to hear you all are safe.Fellow gardener in Midwest

  19. Christy says:

    That is terrifying!

  20. Chelbert says:

    Hi! Ive been reading for a while now but never comment I just thought this link would interest you as its about your picture! your all safeChel

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