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Study: Cornfield in a snowstorm

Another day of snow and crappy driving. The best thing to do is stay in the house and play with snow pictures. I like the middle one best. Its starkness reflects the reality of a late-February snowstorm, after an entire … Continue reading

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Ag Speedlinking: 02.28.08

Toward a sustainable Cohasset: Rekindling a love affair with food “Americans worry more about food and derive less pleasure from eating than people in any other nation surveyed.” ***** With your cloned meat, a side dish of safety “A survey … Continue reading

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So cute I can't stand it

Ducks cuddling with calves Snoring piglets. Olivia in her first year of volleyball. The little uniform! The little kneepads! The little “Green Devil” socks! 2 years ago: Before and after 1 year ago: Powered

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Ag Speedlinking: 02.27.08

Non-GM Breakthroughs Leave GM Behind “…you’ve missed the great unpublished story of 2007 – all the non-GM answers to precisely the problems (drought-resistance, salt-resistance, biofortification, etc.) that proponents claim only GM can solve.” ***** Five minutes with Ken Meter, sustainable … Continue reading

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Maddog's Hogs: Chapter 1

Cute, little sleeping piglet butts! This is a guest post from Madeline, age 12 Hi. I’m Madeline and my mom said that I should write about my babies (my pigs). So here it goes. Well first of all they already … Continue reading

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Ag Speedlinking: 02.26.08

First seeds placed in Arctic global seed vault “Blasted deep into the frozen rock of an Arctic mountain, the collection stored in the vault could prove indispensable for restarting agricultural production at the regional or global level in the wake … Continue reading

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How to Cook : Ribs

Another day, another day off school. And then the predicted storm totally missed us. The good thing to come of it was that the girls’ dance classes were cancelled, so I had time today to cook ribs and blog about … Continue reading

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Ag Speedlinking: 02.25.08

Small food, farm business provide healthy future for Iowa An op-ed piece from the Des Moines Register by my friend and mentor Penny Brown Huber, executive director of the Grow Your Small Market Farm program. ***** Farm program aids immigrants … Continue reading

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Duck rainbow

The msucovy ducks I have presently are quite the pretty rainbow of colors! I have a couple that are white with brownish heads and tail feathers. This drake is grayish white with a gray head. This one is a pretty … Continue reading

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Our little chicken house in the pasture sits snowbound. But before we know it the shed will be surrounded by fresh green spring grass, and busy with 3-week-old broiler chicks. 3 years ago: Everyday miracles

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