Ag Speedlinking: 02.27.08

Non-GM Breakthroughs Leave GM Behind

“…you’ve missed the great unpublished story of 2007 – all the non-GM answers to precisely the problems (drought-resistance, salt-resistance, biofortification, etc.) that proponents claim only GM can solve.”


Five minutes with Ken Meter, sustainable ag pioneer

“He is currently working with some 28 local foods initiatives in 14 states, and despite a myriad of challenges – from land-use issues to political inertia to economic uncertainty among farmers themselves – he says he’s “excited about the emerging possibilities out there” to build stronger, more viable, local economies by using local foods as an economic development strategy.”


Reading, writing and agriculture; Effort underway to educate children to save farming

“Educating future consumers through the mandatory teaching of agriculture in schools could breed a generation of citizens that embraces the importance of farming to the local and national economies.


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