Study: Cornfield in a snowstorm

Another day of snow and crappy driving. The best thing to do is stay in the house and play with snow pictures. I like the middle one best. Its starkness reflects the reality of a late-February snowstorm, after an entire month of gray and dreary and snowstorm upon snowstorm.

Which one do you like best?

3 years ago:

Commando farming

1 year ago:


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5 Responses to Study: Cornfield in a snowstorm

  1. I like the second one too. I am tired of the snow though, and really ready for Spring:) How about you?

  2. Twinville says:

    I like each one for different reasons. The first one has a unique tunnel vision feel to it.The second makes me feel like life is dissapearing in the haze(and I need glasses).And the third one (probably my favorite)reminds me of one of those old time depression era photos.Well done!

  3. the middle one is the one I like the best. Are you as sick of snow as we are? It’s snowing and blowing AGAIN and the roads are starting to ice up. But the kids had school (Surprise, surprise) so that was a bonus, maybeKris

  4. Matt votes for #1I wasn’t tired of winter until the last week or two. But I have a big list of To Do’s to get done before we get busy with outdoor spring stuff.

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