Zorro's a chicken

When the cows and their calves get turned out into the pasture, it takes the new calves a couple of days to figure out how to cross the creek. Their mothers are so grass-crazy that they don’t care whether their babies come over or not. Then towards sundown they come back and feed their poor neglected children.

I don’t know if you noticed in yesterday’s post, but if you look again you’ll see Zorro laying near the creek (with a duck to keep him company) while everyone else is over on the other side. He’s the only one that won’t cross yet, and it’s been about a week since Matt turned them out.

I feel sort of sorry for him – I hope he figures it out soon!

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5 Responses to Zorro's a chicken

  1. Sea2Shore says:

    I feel sorta sorry for the fella too! I hope he gets the courage to cross the creek. I’m sure the duck was keeping him entertained some:) Have a great weekend!

  2. Poor Zorro – I hope he figures it out!!! We had a yearling heifer we just turned out – it took 3 days for her to figure out how to get off the concrete and into the pasture – and now she won’t come back in.Kris

  3. “I feel sort of sorry for him – I hope he figures it out soon!” Amen sister! Spoken like a true farmer’s wife. Animals across species have got to speak to each other, don’t you think? That is a cute moment.Your pastures are looking nice and green! Lyns

  4. IowaCowgirl says:

    Nice calf!Hello to a fellow Iowan on the farm!

  5. Twinville says:

    Sweet little Zorro. Maybe he’s fine with the crossing, but just keeping the duck company. Maybe the duck is fearful of the water and Zorro is giving him a pep talk. heheheProbably not, but it’s kind of cute to consider anyway.And wow! Has Zorro grown a bit…

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