Sorry for the photo-heavy post, but I couldn’t help it. It was just so beautiful today, what with the fog, and the hoarfrost, and later a touch of sun and blue sky. After a stressful bit getting Christmas packages mailed to faraway lands, a walk around the farm with camera in hand was the perfect tonic.

With white frosting for contrast, colors pop that you wouldn’t ordinarily notice on a typical gray, winter day.

Red berries,

blue-green needles,

a forest of chocolate-colored twigs.

Even weeds in the ditch become artforms under the cloak of the hoarfrost.

Graceful curves,

prickly spikes,

curlycues and starbursts,

and my favorite, tiny buttons that look like hornet nests.

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6 Responses to Wonderland

  1. Hi there from Brenham Texas! I stumbled upon your blog and happen to LOVE it. We have a small farm in Texas and I am a photographer- hence the interest in your blog:). I love the photos. I’d give anything to have beautiful snow on the ground. We have our a/c going and set on 72! I can’t believe it…….5 days away from Christmas.I just wanted to stop by and say ‘howdy’. I love your blog and I love your pictures.Lynsey

  2. Oh, I’ve been stalking your blog for quite a while now. I read every post. Just thought you’d like to know that you have a fan out there!

  3. Susan Sophia says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! My mom in MN was telling me they had the same thing and the frost got more beautiful as the day went on.

  4. Oh — isn’t God’s creation beautiful!!??!!THANKS for sharing.

  5. Stacy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I hope we get some of that snow for Christmas over here in the east. We’re back to mild temps and mud. :(

  6. Lynsey – thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blogs – wonderful! I will be checking back often.susan sophia – thank you! Your mom was right. I didn’t have time until after lunch to get some photos, and I was worried that the frost would be gone. But it was even prettier than it had been in the morning!jennifer – you’re welcome :)stacy – I’ll take the snow & ice any day over MUD! We have a long enough mud season come spring.

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