Winter dog

Ava stops eating snow long enough to pose for me.

Not feeling very verbose tonight, just tired. I have to be up extra early tomorrow, to go to the middle school and accompany band students as they practice for their solo contest in a few weeks. They each get 15 minutes with me, and I’ll play straight through from 7:30 to 1:00. (Some of them double up, if they’re playing the same solo.)

This started last year, Madeline’s first year of band (she plays the flute). I told her to ask her band teacher if it would be all right for me to accompany her for the solo contest. My mom always accompanied me, until I got into high school anyway.

The response was, “Yes it’s fine, but she wants to know if you’ll accompany the whole fifth grade.”

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2 Responses to Winter dog

  1. Don’t ya just feel too cheap and easy some days, K?! Er, I mean accessible and talented, of course!

  2. Lisa – they are actually paying me. So I guess that just makes me easy 😉

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