Whatch you lookin' at?

All of the cattle staring at the crazy girl with the camera.

It’s finally winter. Brrrr! My ducks refuse to come back to the house. They’re hanging out on the neighbors’ side of the creek along the bank. So I trekked out there with a bucket of feed for them this morning. Not an easy task, as it’s entirely overgrown and there were many sharp sticks trying to poke me in the eye.

The ducks were very happy to see me. Well, probably not me. They were very happy to see the bucket of feed. They wouldn’t follow me back to the house for it, though.

It was actually pretty nice at that spot, protected as it is from the wind. Made me feel a little better about them being out there. But still they keep me up at night, worrying about them in the snowstorm and the below-zero temperatures. I’m trying to talk Matt into doing an intervention and trying to catch them all without falling in the creek ourselves.

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