Well hello there

double rainbow over the farm

I didn’t intend to be gone from here so long. It just sort of happened. Apparently I really needed a break.

But I’m feeling drawn back to it, drawn back to my camera, to words + pictures, to slowing down & being mindful & noticing things & appreciating it all.

I decided to drop the advertising from my site. It had actually been a nice little monthly bit of change when I was still over on blogspot. But once I moved to my own hosted site that dropped off. I don’t know why that would be. But I feel like without it I have a little more freedom to write whatever happens to come into my head.

So hello again. Hope you’re still with me.

1 year ago:


Grandpa’s tractor


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6 Responses to Well hello there

  1. Kim DeBolt says:

    I always love the photos. And I will never leave you…we’re family! Hey how ’bout some cemetery photos (hint, hint)? Have a great week.

  2. Kris Bair says:

    Hello there! Hope your summer is going well….how did your fair go? We are off tomorrow to the Ohio State fair with a pig….should be interesting!!!!

    • Kelli says:

      Hi Kris! So nice to “see” you here 🙂 Our fair was last week, went pretty well.

      Good luck with your pig! State fair… sounds like fun!

  3. Frank L. Dade says:

    Nice photos.I love how you take a shot of this images,good timing. Thanks for sharing,i hope that your going to share more 😀 .

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