Weird (and rather boring) things

A while back – quite a while back – Genie over at The Inadvertant Gardener tagged me to list 5 weird things about myself.

“This will be easy,” I thought. “I’m very weird.”

And then, nothing.

So I enlisted my family for help.

Madeline: How about your obsession with the computer?

Me: I get paid to sit in front of a computer all day. And anyway, we’re talking about blogland here. Spending a lot of time with your computer is not weird in this audience.

Madeline: Okay, how about your clothes? Grandma says you dress like a teenager.

Me: Oh really?

Madeline: Nevermind. I’ve said too much already.

Matt: How about whenever you get a headache you say to me, “It’s probably a tumor. Do you think it’s a tumor?”

Me: Okay. I’ll give you that one.




Matt: Huh, maybe you’re not as weird as I thought.

They were not much help, either.

So other than my wardrobe and my neurotic worries, here’s what I came up with:

1. I’m always looking for patterns in things. It’s not even a concious thing at first, more like an “oh, I’m doing it again” thing. The repeat in wallpaper, the drum or bass line in a song, the order of the colors of stripes in a throw rug.

Well duh, I’m a computer programmer.

2. Maybe this goes along with #1, but if you buy eggs from me you might notice that I always put the eggs in the carton in a certain order. Large in front, small in back, blue eggs placed in a zig-zag pattern amongst the brown eggs.

3. When I was 10 or 12 years old the subject of having children came up and I told my mother, “I’m having test tube babies.” Once she stopped laughing she informed me that they don’t grow in the test tube the whole time. Bummer. For a while my nickname was “Beaker”.

4. I’m ridiculously shy. It sounds downright stupid to be a shy 36-year-old. And then I worry that people won’t realize I’m shy, that they will simply think I’m stuck up or something. So I’m a shy, neurotic worrier.

5. Other people’s feet creep me out. (People over the age of 5, anyway.) But it’s okay if you want to rub mine.

So there you have it. 5 or 7 weird and rather boring things.

If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged! Leave a link back to your own post in the comments.

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4 Responses to Weird (and rather boring) things

  1. Stacie says:

    I like the egg organizing! I buy local eggs, and they are just a mess!! Green and brown everywhere!

  2. Genie says:

    I love the egg organizing, too…and I would do the exact same thing if I had eggs to organize. Great stuff. Also, I’m in favor of dressing like a teenager. Who says we have to grow up and dress like, well, grandmothers? Or the ladies in the Talbot’s catalog?(Not that I have anything against Talbot’s, mind you…I will happily shop there. It’s just that I also like to break out the jeans with the dragon embroidery, or the completely inappropriate shoes, or the spangly tank top from time to time. Everything in moderation…):-) Genie

  3. I too have a system for organizing eggs. First the the largest eggs are placed so that they occupy the ends of the carton. Then the eggs are arranged in from the ends, toward the middle, from largest to smallest. I feel it gives the illusion that they are all the same size. If there is a variety of colors, and it doesn’t violate the size “rule”, then the colors are arranged such that they look random. Of course there is nothing random about it. I also always put the pointy end down. We figured I had hand washed more than a thousand eggs last year. Oh, my.

  4. Rurality says:

    I always organize my eggs like that. It’s the artistic thing to do, right?Whenever I have a headache, it’s my husband that suggests that I have a tumor. (This is not so funny any more since my SIL actually had one! But she’s ok now.)Hmm our parakeet’s name is Beaker.I used to be shy, and people did think I was stuck up. Now I’m not so shy and I’m sure people think I talk too much.Oh, and it’s true. Other people’s feet are completely gross. :)

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