Weekend Linkity-Link: (Late) Volleyball Edition

I know, I’m a day late and the weekend is already gone. I was just so tired last night I couldn’t get it together to do the regular roundup. Who knew that watching volleyball is so tiring?

Both girls had Iowa AAU volleyball tournaments Saturday. Matt was on call so couldn’t go to either one. I sent Olivia with a friend, and Rafe, Madeline & I left the house at 6:45 a.m. to head to Madeline’s tournament in Charles City. At 2:00 she was done, her team having missed the playoffs by just points. So I sent her home with friends, and my parents and me & Rafe headed to New Hartford for Olivia’s tournament.

And oh, what excitement! Her team got first in their pool! And won through playoffs to end up in the championship game! They ended up getting 2nd, but it was so close – the final scores were 23-21 and 21-19. And since this was a qualifying tournament, 2nd place earned them an entry into the all-Iowa state tournament at the end of the month! Whew, I was exhausted! We finally rolled back home around 8:00 p.m. A long day, but so much fun :)

Now you’re exhausted just reading through all that. And since it’s been a couple weeks since I did this, I’ve got double DOUBLE! the links! Onto the roundup!


Mountain Dweller, a new-to-me blog. Farming in the Alps somehow looks so chic.

The Terraiums Pool at Flickr. I must be craving spring – these tiny indoor gardens are calling me.

Over at Children in the Corn Ang is making yogurt! Yogurt Part 1 and Yogurt Part 2. She makes everything look so easy!

A podcast! About farming! I’m going to have to figure out my daughter’s iPod thingy so I can listen to this while I’m on the treadmill. That would certainly make it more fun.

Beef stock by Slow Cook. A little different method than mine. (I think mine would be considered broth, not stock?) Looks yummy. And then later he and his wife make French onion soup with it!

Seed starting pots from toilet paper rolls at Sea 2 Shore Farm. I thought these were cool, and look much less labor intensive than the newspaper pots I’ve done in the past. Start saving those tp rolls!

And finally, High Hopes Gardens has been posting a series about their agricultural tour of Costa Rica. Fascinating stuff!

(I think I used a record number of exclamation points in this post!)


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  1. Sounds like you did have a doozy of a weekend! Tell the girls congrats on games well played:) Hope you get to rest some. Have a great week.

  2. I have just got back to France after a short stay on your side of the world.Thanks for the link and I shall enjoy looking through the others!Mountain Dweller

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