Weekend Linkity-Link: Birthday Edition

Today my cousin Tim turns 30! Go over to That’s a Cute Little Farmhouse and ask how he was feeling this morning 😉 Let’s just say we had a real good time celebrating with him last night. (In the big town of Greene, where the King Corn movie was filmed!) And tomorrow my dear husband turns 40!


A new-to-me blog, Grow Better Veggies will tide over those of us still in the throes of winter. She explores an interesting array of veggies and gardening-related topics, with beautiful photos to match.

Ang at Children in the Corn is getting her winter greens by growing sprouts. Looks yummy! Going on my To Do List.

Jason at Diary of a Farmer shares how he administers apple cider vinegar to his herd. Great information. I use ACV religiously with my pastured broiler chickens, but we’ve never tried it with the pigs or cows.

Becky at That’s a Cute Little Farm House shares a link to a Flickr photoset called Urban Decay in a small Iowa town. Beauty and sadness, all wrapped up into one.

Clicking around that photoset led me to another called Our Waterloo. It’s a mix of past and present Waterloo photos and ranges from East High School student protests to a group of women meatcutters at Rath.

And finally, The Beginning Farmer’s Wife gave a sourdough photo tutorial. I’ve always been a miserable failure at sourdough. Maybe I’ll have better luck with her trick of using pineapple juice in the starter.


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