Weekend Dog Blogging

This post is part of Weekend Dog Blogging hosted by Sweetnicks. Check there for the roundup later tonight.

We tried to include the dogs in the Christmas picture, but in the end this one didn’t make the cut.

Ava’s ears really do stand up straight like the Shepherd that she is, but for some reason whenever I point the camera at her she thinks she’s in trouble and flattens her ears. Of course usually she gets in trouble for being on this couch. Ike (the Pyrenees), on the other hand, loves to pose for the camera. And he thinks he’s a lap dog.

The outtake…

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6 Responses to Weekend Dog Blogging

  1. Stacie says:

    great photos!!! Lovely kids and the dogs ain’t so bad either…

  2. karl says:

    you have a beautiful family. what a fun christmas photo. merry christmas.

  3. PatL says:

    I think I’d have gone with the outtake, that’s just delicious!

  4. Sonia says:

    What a beautiful and happy kids you have! Love the pictures! And the dogs looks adorable and just big, too!

  5. UKBob says:

    What nice dogs – and kids. Looks like everyone was having a fun time.

  6. Twinville says:

    Where are the kids? hahaha! The dogs seem to take over these cute photos.Ava kind of reminds me of a Furby in the first one. heheWe’ve always had GSD. And now we have a GSD puppy and we just love her to pieces.If only we can survive the chewing and house-training stage! hehe

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