I had a visitor at the farm this afternoon! Lisa of Gracious Acres fame was in town for lunch with a friend, and then popped out to see me. Matt calls her my twin, because when we met only a couple of months ago we just instantly “clicked”. I would call us kindred spirits. I wish we lived just across the section, instead of across a few counties. We share a passion for sustainable agriculture, and for old houses, and for things crafty.

As she was about to leave she asked, “Can I see your chickens?” I love that. Had to get her chicken fix. (Of course I happily obliged. Even I can use a chicken fix in the middle of the afternoon.) I love that she doesn’t give a second thought to getting her shoes muddy (or worse!) traipsing around out here.

Partridge Cochins

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  1. Melissa says:

    I love your chickens! I had to say goodbye to mine today because we are moving. So sad. I really love having chickens!

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