It’s just like in the card game, where you say “Uno!” when you’re down to your last card. This awful spring we’re having – they’re calling for snow on Sunday – has us down to the last pig in the litter.

3 years ago:

Holy moly

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7 Responses to Uno

  1. Oh NO!!!! That poor cute little piglet to be all alone. We’re headed for rain today and tomorrow and colder temps – UGH. I just wish it would dry out already.

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh! When I was a teenager we lost litter after litter of pigs one year to some strange strain of syphillis! And we, too, had one last piglet named Uno! I remember we raised her in a box in the basement and bottle-fed her … I remember not believing that my mother would allow it. I love your blog and I sure wish I was closer because I’d love to buy beef from you . . . you think it’d make it clear back to Kansas City?

  3. "JEANNELLE" says:

    Oh, my….quite a sight….little piglet stuck in the panel.Did you get lots of rain last night? Five inches fell here. And now its cold and windy again. I’m afraid I’ll have to wear my heavy winter chore coat tomorrow morning. Am getting tired of it.

  4. Twinville says:

    Poor sweet little piglet!!How tiny it is, too.I hope it survives!We’ve been having freaky weather this year, too. We get some warm temps for a couple days and then…BAM! it’s cold, windy and snowy.The wind actually never stops. Iim so sick of the wind. And we need rain so badly here. Everything that was growing looks so parched……and fire season has already started here.

  5. Tipper says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog-and really like it! Love the pictures of the animals, especially the pigs!

  6. Rurality says:

    Oh! Poor babies. I can hardly believe you’re still having snow.

  7. qs – I do feel sorry for him, hopefully the other sow will farrow soon and give him some playmates!nancy – we actually have a customer in Kansas City, so I would have to say Yes :)jeannelle – actually he’s not stuck, he just happened to be standing there. I’m amazed at how well he maneuvers with all the mud around here!twinville – wish I could bottle up all this rain and send it your way! We’ve had more than enough now.tipper – thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!karen – so far we’ve missed the snow, but it’s still might cold and oh so windy.

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