Titus on the job, part 1

I take all kinds of pictures when I’m out doing chores and whatnot, but actually getting them off my camera or phone is another story. Finally did that tonight, so I thought I’d share a few from Titus’s first days on the chicken guardian grind.

We brought him out in the pasture with us while we moved the 4-1/2-week-old chicks to the pasture. We always load them into the shed and shut them inside for the first night, then set the electric poultry netting up around the shed.

I was trying to get pictures of him checking out the new territory…

but there’s always a wise guy trying to photo bomb.

Once we had the chicken pen set up it was time to teach Titus how to get into it.

Except he didn’t actually want to get into it.

No amount of coaxing was getting him over that fence. His butt was firmly cemented to the ground.

Finally we just had to boost him over the fence. And then we were left with this pitiful picture…

But not to worry, he settled into his job right away. Part 2 tomorrow…

1 year ago:

How things change

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