Things That Made Me Happy Today

I took Ike for a walk this morning at 6:00. Our farm is just 1/2 mile outside town, so we walk to town and around town a bit and then back home. I met 3 or 4 other early morning exercisers, out for a walk or a bicycle ride, and every single one of them said “Good morning!” to me. Sometimes living in “Mayberry” is nice.

Our whiney tomcat, Earl Gray.

Beds of spinach and lettuce, and tomato starts waiting to be transplanted in the bottom right corner. (Empty chicken feed bags make excellent mulch, provided they don’t have a plastic liner.)

Rascal, the only kitten in this litter that survived. Tiny kitten with a huge, round, fat belly – since he has the milk bar all to himself.

My Rose Combed Brown Leghorn baby roo. He is officially now the prettiest bird on the farm. (Although the Golden Polish and Buff-laced Polish would probably beg to differ.)

And this is what made Matt happy…

a rented post hole digger

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4 Responses to Things That Made Me Happy Today

  1. shannon says:

    Oh man, Eliezer would fall in love with that particular toy in a minute too! :) Your new kitten is too cute – I’m a sucker for the orange ones!

  2. Zanne says:

    Yes, Mayberry is good. My husband is village treasurer and I asked him how many people actually live in Lily Lake. He said 300. I don’t think that’s true unless you’re counting pets and livestock! I’m glad you’re feeling better today and your post is sunnier. The kitten is so cute.

  3. I like the pictures. You make farm life look so appealing..

  4. Rurality says:

    What great pics. I think we’re getting kittens this week!

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