Olivia got in trouble Wednesday night and sent to her room. (And to be fair, the other 2 got in trouble and sent to their rooms as well.) A little while later she came out and handed this to me. Yes, the girl knows how to get herself out of trouble 🙂

I am thankful for all of you who read this little blog of mine, all of you who leave comments and all of you who don’t, and all of you who take the time out of your day to send me an email. Your encouragement touches me. Happy Thanksgiving!

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5 Responses to Thankful

  1. Lynne says:

    If I were Olivia’s mom, she’d be getting away with murder… that cute little dickens! What a great list! That’s a keeper… especially love the use of the exclamation points… very dramatic :-)We love reading your blog, too! Hope your Thanksgiving was full of everything and everyone you love.

  2. Sonia says:

    Love the Olivia’s list!Beautiful words Kelli! I love reading your blog!Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures with us.

  3. karl says:

    that is a great list and way to get out of trouble. happy holiday

  4. Kids are just so cool. I really like your blog. I always learn something and the pictures are great. I showed my Mom the pigs eating pumpkins pictures from a while back. She said she had never seen pigs that color. And she had never seen them eating pumpkins either. I hadn’t either but I pretended I had, ha,ha..

  5. Thats precious :)Sounds like she has her head on strait

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