Tardy, Slow-Poke, Lollygagger

The cow we call Wild Thang finally popped her calf today. No pictures or a name yet.

I was in the garden around 8:00 tonight and noticed that newborn calf in the pasture. So Matt and I walked out to check on them and Wild Thang stupidly took that poor little baby through the creek. He made it across to the other side, but then couldn’t make it up the bank and was stuck there in the cold water. So Matt waded across and boosted him up. Wild Thang did not appreciate Matt touching her baby, and we both thought she was going to charge Matt. But both he and the calf got out of the creek safely and dried off eventually.

Last summer our bull broke his ‘important part’ jumping over a barbed wire fence. But he’d only got part of his job done, so we had to buy another bull to finish things off. We then had the vet do ultrasound in the fall to see how far along each cow was, and sold off the late-bred ones.

Or so we thought.

Apparently Matt goofed and sold some other cow instead of Wild Thang.

Oh well, it still works out okay. She birthed just in time to be re-bred on schedule. (July-bred cows calve in April. A good time to calve in Iowa.) The bull will get turned in with the cows in 2 weeks, and Wild Thang will be coming back into heat very shortly after. And the late calf will help spread our cash flow out a bit come 2006/07.

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5 Responses to Tardy, Slow-Poke, Lollygagger

  1. Rurality says:

    “Last summer our bull broke his ‘important part’ jumping over a barbed wire fence”That sentence made me laugh and say “ouch” at the same time! :)

  2. LOL. A bull with a broken “important part”..

  3. Zanne says:

    Same thing – I laughed when I read the part about a bull jumping over a barbed wire fence!! What a sight that must have been. And a question – exactly what part of the job did he get done? :>)

  4. Yeah, that had me giggling too. Our cat broke his important part too, but it’s not as drastic as if, say, we needed him for our livelihood. :)

  5. farmer john says:

    I will be looking forward to photos of the new calf. How about Seabisket for a name?

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