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Some of the calves lounging on a beautiful fall afternoon

Our farmers market season is officially done! Charles City has another Saturday left and Mason City has three Friday’s left, but last Friday we sold out of every last scrap of beef, pork & poultry we have. That was kind of cool :) I still can’t quite believe we did 600 broilers this year, and could have sold more if we’d had them.

On that note, we’ve had a lot of farmers market customers say to us, “What am I going to do for meat once the farmers market is done?” So we’ve decided to try winter deliveries to both Mason City & Charles City.

The way this will work, we will email everyone on Monday the week of the delivery letting them know when the delivery will be and what we have available. Anyone interested in ordering will need to email us back an order by 3:00 Wednesday. We will package the orders and email back a confirmation & amount due. Then we’ll have a designated meeting place and time in each town when everyone can show up & pick up their orders.

I’ll probably send out inital emails in November, polling interested people on the best meeting places & times for this. Deliveries will begin in December and continue into April. So please email sugarcreekfarm (at) osage (dot) net if you’re interested in being on our delivery information list.

This is something new for us, and I’m really excited about it. I’m hoping that this will eventually (like maybe next year) develop into a meat CSA program. We’ll see!

We are still taking orders for December beef, in either quarters or bundles. Bundles are an 1/8th of a beef – about 50 pounds packaged – in the full variety of cuts. The difference between quarters & bundles (besides the quantity of meat) is that quarters can be custom cut any way you like, and you pay the processing yourself. Bundles come in the same cuts we have done for farmers market, and the price includes the processing. Email us to reserve one (or more) of those if you’re interested.

Another new thing we’re going to try this year is the Des Moines downtown winter farmers markets. These will be on Saturday November 22 and Saturday December 20. So please look us up there if you’re in the area! We’ll be bringing a full selection of our beef & pork cuts.

I think that’s all the business I’ve got for now. We’re enjoying this brief respite between the end of farmers market and the beginning of fall butchering, which begins in just a couple of weeks!

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  1. What a pretty picture! That’s a good idea to offer bundles – not as much cost up front for people. We’ve thought about it, just never followed through on it.Kris

  2. Reading this just makes me sad.Wishing that we lived closer so that we could take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity…But on a better note.CONGRATS on successful farm business year!!~Lisa

  3. Becky says:

    Can we make the Charles City list?

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