Stan's Ferris Wheel

A fixture at the annual Cedar Valley Memories steam engine show is Stan’s ferris wheel. Stan was a friend, mentor, and co-worker of Matt’s. He was always tinkering with stuff out in his shop. An empty reel that had held electrical conduit sparked in him the idea of making this ferris wheel (the large red “wheels” on either side). He loved doing things that brought fun and joy to his grandkids and a lot of other kids as well. He is missed by many.

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3 Responses to Stan's Ferris Wheel

  1. KatKit13 says:

    That second picture is just awesome – the look of pure joy on your boy’s face!That’s a keeper. Blow that up and frame it.

  2. Zanne says:

    What a wonderful legacy. The countryside is filled with wonderful and creative characters like Stan. The second picture is awesome. I agree that you should enlarge it and frame it. Fantastic!

  3. Great pictures. I’m sure Stan would be happy that his ferris wheel was still providing joy to children..

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