Spring, O Spring

After the weigh-in

Spring, O Spring, wherefore art thou O Spring?

A winter storm is upon us, expecting up to 11 inches of snow.

And you know, storms bring on labor. Somebody’s going to have a baby tonight. Let’s just hope they have the sense to do it in the shed.

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4 Responses to Spring, O Spring

  1. Haymaker says:

    What’s with the bloody feeder pig?

  2. He’d just had his ears notched. Not something we do, but this is one of our daughter’s 4-H pigs. She’d just taken them to be weighed and registered for the county fair next summer. Ear notching is required for identification in case they’d lose their ear tag before the fair.

  3. karl says:

    yaowza forced ear notching? our spring killed half of our garden. the mid teen temperatures froze the garden for three days. i barely rescued half of the beets and some of the greens.

  4. That is a fine picture!

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