Someday, when he knows better,

he’s going to get Olivia for this…

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4 Responses to Someday, when he knows better,

  1. pablo says:

    When my family first met my wife-to-be, they presented her with a small photo album of me as a child. While there were no photos in it that can compare to this one, there were plenty there that I had altogether forgotten about. I suspect there will be a period when he will object to this picture, but later it will be worth a lot of good natured laughs, I think.

  2. Becky says:

    Well he definatly shouldn’t be a high line worker like dad if he’s going to wear something like that.

  3. Mom says:

    Remember when you put your brother in a little yellow dress? He seems to have survived without any ill effects.

  4. So that’s what went wrong with him.He did get me back for that, but you weren’t looking.