So far…

Kids, there’s that crazy woman with the camera again. Watch out for her.

…with 45 survey responses logged (thank you, everybody!), here’s how it’s breaking down:

About 1/2 of the respondents chose bratwurst links, breakfast sausage links, and plain ground pork.

About 1/3 of the respondents chose Italian seasoned ground pork, breakfast seasoned ground pork, Italian sausage links, breakfast sausage links, and breakfast seasoned patties.

Only 15% chose bratwurst patties.

This is so helpful! I really didn’t have a clue what other people generally get when they buy pork from us. We always get bratwurst patties, bratwurst links, and Italian seasoned ground pork (I make a lot of pizzas).

Speaking of bratwurst patties… Internet, do you not know the loveliness of brat patties? This is our go-to meat when time is short. Or when Matt is doing the cooking. Quick, easy, oh-so-tasty.

I forgot to offer plain pork patties as a choice. I love these, so I’m not sure why I never have the locker make us any. Probably because I’m always short of Italian seasoned ground pork and don’t want to take away from my quantity of that. But Matt says he’s never had them. How did he grow up in Iowa, where hogs outnumber humans, and not eat a pork patty? Where has he been for every local Pork Producers cookout? The man is a mystery.

I’ll leave the survey open, the free version of Survey Monkey allows up to 100 responses. So go vote if you haven’t already.

And watch for the announcement here when our whole-hog pork products become available.

Thanks again, survey answerers!

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2 Responses to So far…

  1. Juli says:

    I’m starting to like cows more these days. Of course, my eyes go towards the standard beauties: Guernsey and Jersey. Just things for me to think about for the day when we get out of the city. Anyway, watched a documentary over the weekend on DVD… you might want to see it: Show Cattle. Fun with lots of pretty cows.

  2. Juli – I’d like to have a milk cow someday, I like the Brown Swiss just because they’re pretty 🙂

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