Last weekend was our annual trip to the local pumpkin farm. The traditional wagon ride was brought to us by these two:

Notice how the one on the right is Mr. Serious? But the one on the left played the part of the funny sidekick.

The more I clicked away with the camera, the more he hammed it up.

Actual pumpkin pictures coming tomorrow…

3 years ago:

The boy and his piglets

New chicks on the block

Pig tiller

Prepping Rafe to go into the pharmacy

2 years ago:



Steam floats off a partially composted mix…

1 year ago:



It’s National Pork Month, after all

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2 Responses to Sidekick

  1. LOL! In that last picture, it looks like the funny side-kick got his serious pal to giggle a little, too.Thanks for the HUGE smile!~Lisa

  2. Love the pictures – the one on the right looks so serious while he’s putting up with the antics of his partner. Can’t wait to see pumpkin pictures!Kris

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