Rafe Henry with his birthday supper request – waffles!

Seven. Seriously? How did that happen?

At seven you love Clone Wars, and Mario Cart for Wii. You enjoyed wrestling again this year, and are looking forward to another season of soccer and your first year of t-ball. And lately you’ve started singing a lot, around the house and in the car. Following in your sisters’ footsteps, hopefully.

You are one loved little kid. It’s pretty nice to go to parent/teacher conferences and have your teacher start out by telling me how much she loves you. You got a birthday card (and a $2 bill!) in the mail today from the guy that lets you help run the elevator at church. Your teacher’s father, who comes to your class to read, loves you. And of course we think you’re pretty special.

You’re having a fantastic year at school. Your reading skills have exploded. Your teacher says you get right to it and get your work done. And it’s probably too early to tell, but fingers crossed you might be the only one of my kids that shares my love of math.

You’ve grown and matured and changed so much in the past year. I can’t imagine the changes we’ll see by the time you’re 8. I’m excited to see what kind of person you grow to be in the future, what kinds of things will catch your passion.

But let’s not rush it, okay?

Yo mama

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6 Responses to Seven

  1. Happy Birthday Rafe!!!!!Kris

  2. Yo! Happy Birthday Rafe! What a handsome big boy you are now!And my son Jem would love that shirt you’re wearing. He plays guitar. Do you? Do you like music, too?Rock on little dude!~Lisa

  3. farm mom says:

    Wow! Look at him, all grown up!! I still remeber looking at pics of him as a toddler playing with trucks in the garden!!!Happy Birthday Rafe!!!

  4. Christy says:

    What a sweet post! I should write letters to my son on each birthday like that.

  5. Rural Writer says:

    What a totally cute little guy. Happy Birthday indeed! Nice letter Mom.

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