Random cool pictures

Thanks everyone for your comments on that last post. Whew! I’m ready to get that one off the top of the page. I think it will be valuable, to us anyway and hopefully to others, to keep writing about it – about our decision making process, how we deal with the current cost of inputs situation, setbacks, breakthroughs (hopefully!), etc. The coming year will be very telling. What on earth would we do with our time if we didn’t have the challenge of this farm business?

Anyway, on to lighter fare. Here are some random cool photos from the past week:

After last week’s ice-topped snow, big old Ike could walk across the back yard without sinking in.

I have finally mastered beef soup bones. We ate vegetable beef soup every single day this week. I feel so well. (Tired, but well.)

The girls have been composing a song together. Madeline writes the words, Olivia helps her figure out the tune with the piano. She even made up a bit of accompianment. It’s very cool to see them collaborating, so I only asked them to please not sing that song anymore today because my brain will explode a few times.

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