We’re heading for The Big City tonight. Need to get stocked up on chick brooding supplies – 200 pounds of “meat maker” feed for the broilers, 50 pounds of chick starter for the pullets. 8 bales of wood chips, 3 red brooder bulbs, and maybe some extra chicken wire. The cardboard brooder guard came in the mail today. That should carry us until we can make another city trip in 4 weeks. The pullets should come in the mail Monday, and I’ll drive down to Hoover’s Hatchery on Thursday to pick up the broilers.

Petey and her Mama – Petey is such a pretty girl!

Happy Weekend!

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2 Responses to Preparation

  1. traci says:

    She is SO pretty! What a gorgeous cow!!!

  2. shannon says:

    Have a great trip – and she is a pretty heifer – cute! E just went on a feed store run too, 50 lbs of goat pellets and layer pellets. I have my sights set on the 4-H livestock auction to pick up some started birds instead of chicks this year, but of course now I’m agonizing over weather I should put in an order at the feed store for some barred rock pullets to save shipping charges too!!! (Pick up is only 3 days after the 4-H auction!) Decisions decisions!

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