I confess, I geek out a little bit every week when I get the email with my weekly blog stats. It’s just fun to see how many visitors I had, where they came from, and what they were looking for on my little blog that’s just a blip in the big old blogosphere.

Can you guess what my most popular post is? It’s the most popular in terms of visits, links, pins… all of it.

Tutorial :: Kindle Case

Yep, it has nothing to do with the things I blog about most, farming and cooking. Which makes me wonder if I should be taking my blog in a different direction. But I haven’t been doing any of these types of crafty projects lately.

One project I’ve got on my mind, however, is how to get “caught up” with my photos and scrapbooks and all of my kids’ “stuff” that’s accumulated the last 20 (gasp!) years. I may not have time to work on it much, with a graduation party to put together. That will come up faster than I want it to. But for sure, when I get to it, I’ll blog about it!

9 years ago:



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