Polishing off his stash

One drawback to working from home is that you’re left in the house.


With the kids’ Valentine candy.

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4 Responses to Polishing off his stash

  1. Haymaker says:

    Yep… That’s why I drive the kids like a rented mule on Halloween. “Just one more block of houses, then we’ll take that cul de sac, and circle around for home.””Dad, I can’t feel my toes…””Ok, Jefferson, I’ll carry you up to their doors. Hannah, guard the wagon.”

  2. Temptation is there to strengthen you. :)

  3. Sandy says:

    Yip! My husband and I both work from home. And I sit at my computer and think, “Mmmm, what sounds good right now? Abby’s Valentine Candy!” She has a huge bag of left-over Halloween candy in her room too. I’m often tempted and I often give in!

  4. “I can’t feel my toes”Ha ha, I heard that one this past Halloween, too. “Just a few more blocks, kids!”Walter is wise, but my flesh is weak :)Sandy – I figure I should just go ahead and eat and get it out of here so I can go back to eating healthy.

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