Bellied up to the milk bar

Updated: the gilt is taken. Thank you!

The second gilt farrowed on Saturday, and had somewhat more success than the first. She had a litter of 12, with 11 born live. 3 got layed on right away, and 2 more in the next 24 hours. So at this point we have a litter of 6. Could be better, could definitely be worse.

Snoozing under the heat lamp

And on that note, we’ve decided to cull the first gilt. She is young enough that she will still be very good eating, and will yield more meat than a regular market pig. So if you’d be interested in a half, or the whole, shoot me an email. themillers92 (at) osage (dot) net. Our pork prices have gone up effective April 1st, but we will sell you this gilt at last year’s price.

We will probably keep this second gilt and rebreed her. She’s done okay for a first-time mom, especially considering the sub-par conditions we’re dealing with right now.

Still to come…calf pics!

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4 Responses to Piggies

  1. Yay for you! Six little piglets – – so cute (for now).

  2. Frugal Mom says:

    New here. Came via 101 Cookbooks. I love your site. It is so real. We are in IL and have for many years talked about getting land and doing more than we are now. We already do the local farmers and grass fed meats and pastured chickens and eggs…how it nice it would be tho to get my hands in and get dirty! I wouldnt have the slightest idea where to begin, but it all starts somewhere, right?

  3. Sonia says:

    Wow! They are very cute!Have a nice and happy Easter!

  4. ldybug says:

    Good photograph. They’re so cute.

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