Pig Tiller

Before we finally rid this year’s garden of weeds and frost-killed tomato plants, we let Sara have at it for a couple of hours. Matt just called her over to the gate, let her out of the pasture, and walked her over to the garden. She’s such a tame girl! Then I hung around doing yardwork and kept an eye on her. No need for a fence – she had a ball eating the soft tomatoes and rooting for missed potatoes.

Abbie kept an eye on her, too.

It’s fun to watch Abbie try to figure out how to do what her instincts are telling her to do. Her instincts were telling her to keep that pig in the garden. She would follow a couple of feet behind Sarah and let out a bark now and again. But if Sarah would turn around and look at her, Abbie would turn tail and run behind me. Still very much a puppy!

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5 Responses to Pig Tiller

  1. Sara does look happy. Abbie looks confused,tee,hee..

  2. JBB says:

    Just a note again to say how much I continue to enjoy your pictures and stories!

  3. pablo says:

    Lotsa ears going on in these two photos!

  4. Lynne says:

    Oh my gosh – is that pig SMILING?!!! I think so! I love the look on Abby’s face… I’ve seen it on my own border collie when she’s around the squirrels in the back yard… just wants to herd them! I wish I had a pig on hand to make the garden clean up process in my yard a little less cumbersome! She’s a sweetie!

  5. This is what we do too with our gardens. We put our pigs in in the fall to clean up and then when the ground freezes hard we winter the pigs in the newest garden corrals. In the we poke corn into the soil with a PV to make holes and then the pigs till the garden up and we take them out in a day. Then chickens go in to weed and smooth the soil. The result is we don’t have to weed and they have turned our poor mountain subsoil into wonderful rich gardening soil.

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