Pig chores

Matt was busy picking up our newly-made cornstalk bales on Sunday, so he asked if I’d do pig chores. It was a beautiful fall day with the sound of combines humming in the fields around us. Naturally, the camera came along.

These guys are on a self-feeder, so they didn’t need anything from me. But I took their picture anyway.

However the sows (Rosie and Hammie) were waiting for me. They’re used to being fed at 4:10 when Matt gets home from work. They bark and huff to let me know they’re not pleased with me feeding them after 5:00.

We have one litter of new piglets. Some of them jump right in and eat with their mama. They’re so stinking adorable.

Julius Peppers (who’s really just called Ollie like our last boar because it’s such a habit) prefers to dine alone.

Stay tuned for more fall farm pictures, and a really cute little piggie!

4 years ago:

‘Tis the season

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