I think this duck has taken on more than she can handle. Reminds me of myself these days! Fortunately for her, a hen came along and is now sitting on all of these eggs with her. Wonder if I can get a hen to come and help with my laundry…

1 year ago:

OLS Week 3 (or, “Swiss Chard, not sure I like ye”)

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5 Responses to Overwhelmed

  1. Laura says:

    Much more ambitious than my hen. She started with 5, I accidentally took one the other day when I made her give up the other eggs. Then she somehow hid 2 more from me and is currently at 6. 2 of those are a week behind the other 4, but I’m considering them backup in case the first ones don’t hatch.Is there a pic of the duck and hen collaborating coming up?

  2. If you find a way to have a chicken help with the laundry – let me know. The poor duck.Kris

  3. Patti says:

    All I can offer you is more ducks:D

  4. Laura – I haven’t checked on them lately to see who’s still setting on what. I’ll be sure to snap a picture if they are!Kris – I think I could make a fortune training laundry-doing chickens ;)Patti – Ha! We’ve something like 14 ducklings running round the pasture this summer. Not sure how many are still out there.

  5. Twinville says:

    hahaah! How nice to have such willing help come along and pitch in. What a lucky duck!Are those duck eggs, chicken eggs or a blend of both?

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