OLS Week 7 (?)

Or, “I am a bad bad food blogger”

Um, where did week 6 go? I really don’t know. I’m sorry, OLSers! Whip me with a wet, local noodle.

And no picture this week. I got my camera and computer to resolve their differences, but the download process is painfully slow. So you’ll just have to rely on my tantalizing descriptions. I’ll update with the picture when I can.

It’s been wicked hot here lately. Too hot to want to cook much. But we finally got our first ripe tomatoes this week. Seems late for the first tomatoes, but that only heightens the anticipation. And of course the first thing I’m going to do with the first tomatoes is make salsa.

I could eat just chips and salsa for supper and go to bed a happy girl. But my husband insists on balanced meals for some reason. So to oblige him I served the salsa with a couple of ham steaks and some steamed zucchini. I know so many are tiring of zucchini by this point in the summer, but I can’t get enough. And the ones that somehow grow to the size of tree trunks when I turn my back? I throw them into the pasture and the cows break them open and devour them.

Local Ingredients:
tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, chile peppers for salsa – 0 miles (our garden)
zucchini – 0 miles (our garden)
ham steaks – 0 miles (our porkers, or 6 miles if you want to count their trip to the butcher, then to the locker, then to our freezer)

Nonlocal Ingredients:
garlic (nobody selling this at our farmers market yet), sea salt, lime juice, cilantro (sometimes this is from a local source at our supermarket, but they don’t really label it as such so I’m not sure), tortilla chips for salsa

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  1. karl says:

    salsa for dinner is a complete meal isn’t it?

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