OLS Week 5

or, “The challenge of eating locally while traveling turned out to be so very challenging”

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind comments on the county fair posts.

And second of all, I did have a OLS meal for Week 4, but just didn’t get around to posting it. I believe the week after the fair was mainly spent in recovery, lying on the couch and moaning a lot. Suffice it to say, the meal involved eggs and herbs from Madeline’s “edible landscaping” project and of course meat.

Then we went on vacation, which further explains the 11 day absence on this here blog. As soon as I convince my camera and my computer to kiss, make up, and begin communicating again, I’ll be back with pictures.

Which brings me to OLS Week 5. And our vacation. We spent the week camping south of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. And I was very excited to put together a local meal over there. But I ran into a few roadblocks. First, the farmers market in PDC is on Saturdays. We were there Sunday thru Thursday. Second, you would think, being in Wisconsin and all, that local cheese would be so easy to find. Not so much.

So our local meal ended up being Wisconsin cheese curds (oh, the teeth-squeaking salty goodness!) and a 6-pack of Fat Squirrel beer brewed in southern Wisconsin (pretty darn good!).

Fortunately we’d brought our own steaks, pork chops, and burgers with us. Matt also dug a bucket of potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots from the garden before we left and we took those with, too. So despite our failure at procuring local fare, we enjoyed some darn tasty campfire cooking. I also brought home several bottles of wine from Eagles Landing Winery in Marquette, just across the Mississippi.

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2 Responses to OLS Week 5

  1. karl says:

    we were just curious about local harvest. we plan to offer milk–although we don’t have much extra right now. we think it is a cool org and would like to be part of the movement.

  2. Karl, there really isn’t much to it. The listing is free, and pretty easy to create. My only advice would be to update it periodically so that your listing appears current. I try to update mine 2 to 4 times a year. What are the rules down there about selling milk? Wish it was legal in Iowa.

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