Argh! What is it with Blogger? I’ve been trying to post this for 8 days now!

Sometimes digging potatoes, especially sweet potatoes, can become a bit of an archaeological exercise. They grow every which way but down. Or they grow intermingled with each other.

We had an okay sweet potato harvest this year. I think we ended up with a bushel basket full. A mole had pre-harvested a section of the planting. And where the sweet potatoes had been planted next to broccoli there was a noticeable drop in yield. Apparently there’s some sort of hostility between sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Matt’s prize this year was a 4 1/2 pound sweet potato. He literally carried it around with him for a week showing it to everybody he ran into. I told him to be careful who he waved that thing at. It’s a little obscene.

For some reason it seems to me that the best use for this particular tuber would be to make it into sweet potato pie.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a “guy thing” to show off something THAT BIG! Crazy funny.

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