O Christmas Tree

The only shopping we do the day after Thanksgiving is for our Christmas tree. No matter the weather, which was really cold this year, we’re out there looking for a tree. Here’s the one we got this year. (Those bare dead branches at the top are from some tree behind it.)

I usually like our trees a little more “Charlie Brown-y” than this one. This tree is quite a bit more high-brow than we usually get. But it’s very pretty and one of these days I’ll post pictures of it decorated.

Apparently Rafe thought jumping on Matt’s back while he was sawing it down would be helpful.

One year when our Christmas budget was a little tight, we decided to cut down a cedar tree from my parents’ pasture. Our first mistake was walking around in the woods on opening day of deer season. We cut the top off a rather large tree. When we got it home and got it in the house we discovered that, laying on the floor, it took up the length of our dining room. About 14 feet. We had to trim it a bit :) But that was one memorable Christmas tree.

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  1. I use a Charlie Brownish looking artificial tree. The real ones are so much nicer..

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