Noon Scenes

Each weekday at noon I emerge from the confines of my office and make the rounds outside. Today is (finally!) a beautiful spring day, sunny and in the mid-60’s. Everyone seemed to be a good mood. I had my camera with me and thought I’d show you what I saw on my rounds.

Hen and cat sharing dogfood for lunch

Our mama pig, Sarah, and behind her
the hole she’s digging to China

The piglets to the left, hanging out with the stocker calves. The whiteface looking at me is Beetlejuice, and the whiteface behind him is Casper. I can’t tell the black ones apart just looking at them, but their names are Blackie & Brownie (twins), Jemima and Number Five.

One of our pregnant cows – I feel for
these gals and their big bellies.

Winston following me around
looking for treats

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2 Responses to Noon Scenes

  1. Rurality says:

    Whoa… that first one is supposed to be a white pig, right?!Cute pics!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ilove your farm. It is like ours. Have you seen the web site You should.

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