Noon Pictures

Tonight the snow is falling and the wind chill’s at zero. But yesterday it was 53 degrees. 53 degrees! On January 10th in Iowa! So I did something I haven’t done in a really long time – grabbed my camera and took a little walk around the farm on my lunch break.

Some of the calves were hanging out in the shed, some were outside lounging around in the sun.

We’re down to a small flock of chickens. I keep wanting to start some more, but the kids always have my garage occupied with pigs at the time I’d want to be brooding chicks. But the chickens I still have are such a pretty mix. That black and white rooster front left came to live with us after my cousin’s daughter caught him in one of those scrambles at the county fair. Before we figured out he was a rooster, we named him after her. So his name is still “Elsie Rooster”. I love that rooster. And my cousin’s other daughter caught the gold hen front right. So her name is Molly. I love that hen, too.

This rooster was hatched right here on the farm. He was surveying his kingdom from the top of the straw bales that insulate our well pit.

The pigs were all sacked out for a nap.

They gave me a look, but went back to their nap after realizing I didn’t have anything to eat with me. (Thankfully they didn’t see me as something to eat.)

I definitely need to get back into the routine of my noon walkabouts…

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