New Venture

Edited to add: you can reach me by email: kmiller70 (at) osage (dot) net

One of the questions asked at the Grow Your Small Market Farm class was, what’s your secondary market? Penny, our instructor, didn’t like our answer of “the sale barn”.

Of course she was right. And so we set about filling out applications, jumping through hoops, paying fees, getting inspected, and cutting red tape. All of this to be allowed to sell meat out of one of our freezers on the farm.

Of the 6 feeder calves we had for sale this year, we sold all but a quarter of one. So we had that quarter inspected and properly labeled by the locker, and now we have beef bundles for sale here at the farm, along with a few individual cuts!

Pretty cool to see our name and logo on a package of beef.

So if you’re within driving distance from us and are interested in a beef bundle, shoot me an email for details.

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6 Responses to New Venture

  1. It’s a good idea. Hope you sell it all..

  2. Rachel says:

    If I lived near there I’d be interested. It would be cool to see your name on a product!

  3. Patti says:

    I’m interested and I live close to you ;)…

  4. Patti says:

    I’m interested and I live close to you ;)…

  5. I live between you and High Hopes. Would love to visit your farm and try some beef. The neighbor gave us half a hog this summer and we’re “porked” out and need a beef fix! Let me know if you still have some available and when we can drive up. Happy day!

  6. Rurality says:

    Well I’ve been away from the blog world for a bit and missed this earlier.Great pic! We bought 1/4 cow from some local friends and it is really fantastic. So much better than what you get in the grocery store. Mmmm.

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