New Digs

Chuck, still half the size of the broiler chicks

The broiler chicks – and Chuck! – are all safe and sound out in the pasture. The move went more easily than I expected, they all just crowded into a corner of the garage and we plucked them up and put them in the trailer. Then we dropped the trailer in the pasture and fed them in the trailer. We went back to the house and had our supper, then went back out just before sundown and put the birds in their shed. I like to lock them in their shed the first night so that they know where shelter is and will return to it at night, or when it rains.

We don’t do chicken tractors. Instead we use electric netting to surround a little insulated wooden shed on skids in the cow pasture. Feeders and waters are set out in the grass. We move the setup every 7 to 10 days, depending on the condition of the grass. I like this setup because the birds have a choice to be where they feel comfortable.

Some like to be in the shed

Some like to be outside, contemplating the dirt

Rafe and I took a walk out there this afternoon to see how they were doing. They’re about a 1/4 mile from the house. Before we headed back, Rafe thought we ought to have a picture of ourselves.

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4 Responses to New Digs

  1. karl says:

    sorry i have so many questions. i am curious to see the perimeter electric fence that you use, if it’s not too much trouble. the fence moves too right? as far as the previous post, i didn’t realize that there were places that butchered chickens. how much do they charge? are there any maximum size restrictions? is leaving them whole for roasting an option? k-)

  2. Kaix says:

    Hi, we are celebrating BlogDay2006 ( and recommended your blog on Farmblogger’s.

  3. Stacie says:

    Wow, I love the chick with ‘tude in the post below! And cute self portrait too! I want chix!!

  4. Karl – I’ll take some pictures this weekend and give you the overview on our setup. Our processor charges 55 cents/pound (dressed weight). They also do ducks and turkeys so I don’t think there’s any size restrictions. We have them leave ours whole, but they will cut them up for an extra fee. There are Mennonnite ladies that butcher for less, around $1 per bird, but they aren’t state inspected so we can’t use them except for personal use.kaix – thanks very much for the link! I’m honored.stacie – I think u definitely need chix! They’re addicting…you’ve been warned :)

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