New Blogger, & Accolades

A couple of links for your Monday morning.

There’s another blogger in the family! Madeline is taking Food & Nutrition for one of her 4-H projects this year. So she’s started learning to cook, and is keeping a recipe journal in the process. You can find her recipe journal at Maddog in the Kitchen .

And my favorite soapmaker is on her way to fame and fortune after a shout-out in Cooking Light magazine. I can personally testify to the amazing-ness of her Amazing Kitchen Soap. And the Gardener’s Soap. And the Green Pear, Honeysuckle, Apple Blossom, Berry Berry Nice, Kudzu and Gardenia. I have a couple of those cool wooden soap holders, too. Since Matt started using her soap, his eczema has cleared up!

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5 Responses to New Blogger, & Accolades

  1. I read Rurality already. She is good. The fire department says I am not allowed to read cooking sites after the last incident in my kitchen, tee,hee..

  2. pablo says:

    I’ve used Rurality’s soaps too. I’m glad she’s getting some recognition, though that may mean we’ll see less of her online for a while.

  3. Amy Stewart says:

    I see you’re reading Kent Haruf! I loooove his books!

  4. Amy – Kent Haruf is new to me but I’m loving his books, too! He captures the tempo and ways of rural small towns perfectly. Where You Once Belonged could have been set in our town.

  5. Rurality says:

    Thanks a bunch! I am really hopping lately, but in another month or so I hope to get back to the regularly scheduled blog reading & writing. :)

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