Nanny at work

Star the Supernanny was hanging with poor little land-locked Zorro the other morning. What a good horse!

Thanks for the kind comments about my attitude towards allergies this spring. But I have to confess, I’m feeling less than stoic today. Today I may have gladly traded just a couple of hours of this glorious spring weather for a couple of hours of dead winter when I don’t feel like chopping my own head off.

1 year ago:

Ava, and her herd of one

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6 Responses to Nanny at work

  1. Robbyn says:

    What a beautiful horse :) the best sort of Nanny!

  2. Way to go Star!!! Is Olivia going to show her in 4-H ever? She is a very pretty horse – has she taught Zorro to cross your creek?Kris

  3. Becky says:

    Can Star come over Friday night and babysit so Tim and I can go try The Quarry in Mason :)

  4. Twinville says:

    Oh! I just realized I’ve got the answer to my own question from your next blog post that I replied to.Yes! Star is still watching out for Zorro.What a sweetie!I hope you’ll post a blog entry one day about how Star came to live on your farm. She is such an exceptional horse.

  5. "JEANNELLE" says:

    What a heartwarming scene! They appear to belong together.

  6. Christy says:

    What a good horse! And I understand about wanting to cut your own head off!

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