Music to my ears

I’ve written before about what music means in my life. So scenes like this thrill me beyond measure. (Get it? Measure? How punny of me 🙂

Rafe asked Santa for a guitar for Christmas, and Santa delivered. And Rafe has been kind of enough to share his gift with Olivia, who in turn bugs her dad to teach her new chords as soon as he gets in from chores after work. And what’s the first song she wants to learn? Smoke on the Water.


On another note, I was given this nice accolade:

from Jill @ Blue Gate Farm

I’m supposed to list 5 addictions, so here goes:

1. My Bloglines feed reader. I think subscribing to 78 blogs might qualify as an addiction.

2. And I suppose The Internet in general qualifies as an addiction. In my heart I want to be Ma Ingalls, but I’d need wireless internet access in that log cabin.

3. Sugar, in all its various baked and/or processed forms.

4. Photography & scrapbooking. I’ll lump those together for the sake of keeping this list to 5. Right now my dining room table is completely covered in pictures and albums.

5. And it seems fitting to end this list with…music. I love to play it, listen to it, discover new stuff, sing it, study lyrics.

And now I’m supposed to pass this on to some other lovely bloggers. And I’m going to pick on some of my favorite bloggers who have been a little absentee, in hopes of prodding them for an update. I’m conniving like that.

1. Between Plow and Wood. They bought a farm, and then seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I can relate.

2. Gracious Acres. They sold a farm, and then seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. My internet-turned-real-life friend, Matt calls “L” my long lost twin.

3. Farm Aspirations. They moved, had a baby, and then seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I can relate.

(Are you sensing a theme here?)

4. Diary of a Farmer. A farmer and a full-time firemen. That more than explains his absence, but he’s a very enjoyable read when he does write. And I’m insanely jealous of their farm setup.

5. Clodhopper Farm. Peter is less absentee than the rest of this list, but he still doesn’t update often enough for my tastes.

So there you have it!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to actually write about farm-related stuff! Maybe get some footage of Matt’s insane watering routine, now that the water line to the shed has frozen, or an update on the chicks.

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  1. How great that they love music! Can’t wait to hear how you are watering animals – I think the hose is living in my bathtub it’s been so cold here. But we are supposed to be up to 45 this weeekend – we’ll be out there in shorts….Kris

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