Mt. Rainier

Backing up to Day 2 of the trip, we spent the whole day at Mt. Rainier – 14,410 feet high. Scientists think it was originally 2000 feet higher but lost its original peak in a volcanic blast. It boasts 26 active glaciers. Luckily we had perfect, clear weather – we were told that it wasn’t often one could see Mt. Rainier this clearly.

There was breathtaking view…

after breathtaking view…

LaGrande Dam on the Nisqually River

Beautiful waterfalls

The Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitors Center at Paradise on the mountain. This is as far up the mountain as you can go by car – at about 5100 feet. This building is to be torn down soon and replaced by a new, more energy efficient visitors center.

This douglas fir cross section was interesting. Major events in history were marked by its rings…

…from its birth…

…to its death.

The meadows and wild flowers made me want to braid my hair and romp through the grass like Heidi.

A very awe-inspiring day for this flatlander!

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  1. Stacy says:

    Wow! Onto the list of places to see before I die, this goes.

  2. Thanks, Woody!Stacy – definitely put it on your list!

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