Messin' with me

Remember Shakespeare? He’s growing!

The cows, they like to mess with me. When I go out to feed chickens in the morning, the cows are usually grazing right around the pen. As soon as I unhook the electric so I can get in the pen, the calves are right there messing with the fence. They use the posts to scratch themselves, and they nose the netting. I go over and shoo them away, and so it goes. When my back is turned, they’re right back at it.

But today the bull decided to mess with the fence. As he scratched up and down against a corner post he ripped it right out of the ground. Then he stepped on it. Then he got tangled in the netting. I tried shaking my water hose at him and shouting “Go away!” but he just looked at me, amused. Then I shouted, “I hate you!” I wonder if our neighbors heard that? They must really wonder about us sometimes.

Matt: You should have hit him with the hose.

Me: And where would I run out there if he decided to hit back?

Matt: Good point.

At that point Mr. Bull sniffed interestedly in the direction of the freshly-filled chicken feeders. And at that point I decided to get the heck out of there. I quick battened down the can holding my feed bags, so that he wouldn’t eat the whole thing, grabbed Ike, and we headed back to the house. Once I saw that the cows had moved on to another part of the pasture we went back and I fixed the fence as best I could.

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3 Responses to Messin' with me

  1. Oh how funny – I don’t like going in where the bull is either – a pitchfork works good to get them going the other way (the handle to their noses work well). At least you were able to fix the fencing…Kris

  2. farm mom says:

    See, I told you you should have named him Revelry. He was just having some fun!! And he’s still handsome as ever! :)

  3. Twinville says:

    Oh no how scary! YOu better neve give that bull a gun, or you’ll be sorry!(Have you ever seen the video on You Tube called “Cows with Guns”? What a riot!)

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