Living History Farms

We took a few days vacation this week and headed to Des Moines with the kids. The highlight of the trip, for me anyway, was a visit to Living History Farms.

At the 1850 farm, Rafe was enthralled with the spinning wheel. He cozied right up to the gal spinning and just studied every move that she and the spinning wheel made. And he slyly moved his foot on to the treadle to help her make the wheel spin.

Anyone who knows Rafe knows that anything that causes him to be still for more than 2 minutes is really something.

The 1850 farm was fascinating to me because that’s about the age of our farm. Before this house was built in 1875, there was a log cabin here that probably looked something like this one.

Outside the cabin a man was shaping logs into square posts and beams for a barn.

The pig pen was interesting. It doesn’t look like it would hold our pigs.

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  1. Zanne says:

    Phew, you hadn’t posted in awhile and I was getting worried. Now, this is MY kind of place. I love these living history farms, visit them all over the country. This one looks like a beaut….what’s the name? Is it in Des Moines? I feel a road trip to Des Moines coming on. Great pics. I love all the canning!

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