Lined Up at the Buffet

The broiler chicks are 2 weeks old now. They’re newly-sprouted wing feathers shine bright and white against the yellow baby down that still covers their bodies. Another 9 days in my garage, and then they’ll have enough feathers to be put out in the pasture.

I hope to put up some current pics of our other breeds of chicks soon. It requires a team effort because they’re much flightier than the broilers.

It’s rained off and on the past 3 days, and the temperatures are considerably cooler. Tomorrow night they’re talking 30 degrees for a low, so after work tomorrow we’ll need to cover the delicate new strawberry plants.

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2 Responses to Lined Up at the Buffet

  1. Hick says:

    I love chickens. Why is it chickens provide so much material for writers and photographers?

  2. Rurality says:

    I can’t believe yours line up in such orderly fashion! Mine are piled all over each other when they eat. I guess these are Cornish X?

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